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Do you love the game of Tetris? If so, you’re not alone! This challenging and fast-paced puzzle game is one of the most played on the internet and one of the most widely purchased games for computers and handheld electronic devices. It may seem simple at first, and the game is actually quite uncomplicated, but it gets more involved as the minutes tick by and more addictive each and every time you play!

Check out a few fun facts about your Tetris game and see if you’re not surprised by how it got started and by the details of the game that you might have overlooked!

Tetris - Game Play

One interesting aspect of this puzzle game is that all the pieces have at least four sides, and are all square or rectangular in shape. There are no circles or triangles in the game, which makes it unique. You might assume that it would be easy to fit and match squares and rectangles, but once you start working with the different segments, you see how challenging it really is!

Tetris Tetramino Shapes | Tetris Game

These simple squares also make it unique from other puzzles in that you’re not trying to fit specific pieces together. In a jigsaw puzzle there are no options other than the two pieces that are meant to fit together, but in a Tetris game you can use your own skills and creativity to get all the pieces to fit.

Tetris - Popularity of the Game

The game has become so popular that you can often find free Tetris online and even loaded onto new computers and other devices. In 2007 it was named the second most popular in IGN’s 100 Most Popular Video Games, a list of all video games created to that point, and as of 2010, it was reported that there had been over 100 million copies of the game sold for cell phones! There were also some 70 million copies sold for computers and electronics just three years prior, showing how popular the game has become.

There are several variations of the game of Tetris available, and some upgrades have been made to the game since its inception in 1984. It’s believed that many stacking games are based on the original concept and today you can enjoy similar games like Cubis or even Candy Crush, but for many purists, none of these match the popularity of the original and the best!

Challenge yourself and enjoy a great game of Tetris!!!